The Woods Collective

Growing up here in Houston, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by some incredibly talented kids. Some of those kids are currently breaking their backs by gigging all over town, as much as possible, without getting paid – which is kind of what you have to do if you’re a young, as-yet-unheard-of musician. This group of people, which I’ve started calling the Woods Collective, (they all come from my high school, School of the Woods) has created some of the happiest, danciest, most unforgettable moments of my life – and this Friday, they’re going to do it again!

Two of the bands have EPs available for free online ( Me With the Gameboy, Ben + Ciaran) that you should give a listen to before the show. They will both be available for sale in physical format at the event, as well, along with other goodies from Patch Recording.

April 1 at 8 PM, the Woods Collective will play at Caroline Collective (4820 Caroline St.) and it’s going to rock. Each of the bands has a tendency towards the flamboyant, and no doubt they have some extra glitz in store for the night of April Fools Day. So really, unless you’re tragically allergic to fun, you have to come out to see these guys play on Friday. Look for me on the dance floor!

See you there!

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