Haute Wheels Houston Food Truck Fest

Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15

12-7 PM

HCC Southwest Campus

I meant to write about this event much sooner – it’s something that I’m very excited about. Houston’s food truck culture has taken off in a big way in the past few months, and that is a wonderful thing if you: 1) like good food, 2) don’t have a lot of money, or 3) all of the above. Being a member of the third category, I have found food trucks to be a saving grace on more than one occasion.

Whether you’re looking for tacos and roasted corn from No Borders, or want a little somethin’ sweet from MMM Cupcake, you will find something delicious to totally wreck any summer diet plans with this weekend at the Haute Wheels Houston Food Truck Festival. Over 20 of Houston’s best mobile food providers will be in attendance both days, dishing out food and drinks to crowds of hungry festival-goers. Be sure to get yourself a ticket here, because there’s no guarantee there’ll be any left the day of!

But food isn’t the only attraction. Also on site will be a host of vendors selling their wares and a super-cool local all-star lineup of bands, including Two Star Symphony, The Tontons, and Ancient Cat Society. So really, it’s kind of like a food truck and other-things-that-make-Houston-cool festival.

I’ll be there on Saturday – be sure to say hi. Unless I’m passed out in a food coma, in which case, you should probably just leave me alone.

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2 thoughts on “Haute Wheels Houston Food Truck Fest

  1. You probably don’t remember my philosophy of Houston festivals: eat some of everything. On this occasion, a corollary: don’t esplode. Enjoy some for me!

  2. This was a truly disappointing event!!!!!!

    Houston Press VOICE promised several different types of wines and beers to sample in the VIP tent and the truth is they only had one of each and the drink tickets provided didn’t work in the main beer/wine garden. Such a rip off, not to mention that the food truck day was a total unorganized disaster. Let me provide some advise from an event planner – place menus where everyone can see them. During their normal day one up to the window can order with no issues, however when you have 50+ people in line due to a main event the menu needs to be seen from a distance (place them X-Large on the roof) so the consumer does not waist their time in line for 20 min. only to discover they have no desire for what that truck has available.
    For the 4th largest city in the nation we fail time and time again not being organized enough for the amount of people that we have coming to our venues. You would think that we would eventually learn from our mistakes. Learn that we are huge and that we need extra care. Also the live music venue was a joke. We left after 2 PM and had not heard a single band at that point. WHERE WAS THE MUSIC. IF IT WAS PLAYING NO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT AND WE WERE ONLY 50 FT. AWAY IN THE VIP TENT.

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