New Gig

Yours truly recently acquired the glorious title of Chicago Online Learning Examiner. While it’s not exactly the Atlantic, it’s a gig, and it pays. I’m pretty stoked to be working on a project that allows me to research and write about stuff I’m genuinely interested in.

I’ve written three articles for Examiner thus far. Feel free to check them out, if you’re interested:

Investment without return: The higher education bubble

No Excuse List: Online learning made accessible

Learn a new language today: Memrise and Duolingo

In addition to these, I’m working on a piece right now about an online tool for teenagers trying to find some direction in their school and career lives. It’s called Sparkon, and it’s really a unique idea. Somewhere between a Meyers-Briggs personality test and a Johnson O’Connor aptitude test, but less boring.

Slowly but surely, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this whole “writing” thing. I’m always looking for new ideas and feedback, so send it my way.

P.S. – I also got this thing published on Medium, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Definitely check out some of Jeff Elder‘s posts – dude is bright as hell.


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