Tapestry/The Noun Project 6 Icon Story Contest

Robin Sloan’s tap essay, “Fish”

If you’ve got a smart phone and you like clever things, you need to download the app Tapestry, which is a tool for reading and writing tap essays.

The tap essay is a new medium for storytelling that originated with Robin Sloan‘s beautiful story of what it means to really love something on the Internet. It’s called “Fish.”

The rules of tap essays are simple: 1) you click/tap to move forward in the essay, and 2) there’s no going backwards. This kind of straightforwardness makes the reader less likely to be distracted, and more likely to read the whole story instead of skimming. Although “Fish” is still my favorite tap essay, there are a few others out there that are definitely worthwhile. Browse the Tapestry site to see what I’m talking about.

Tapestry recently announced a partnering with The Noun Project, a site dedicated to amassing a library of symbols with universally understood meanings. The Noun Project hopes to create a kind of visual language that’s accesible to everyone to promote global communication.

The two sites are hosting a contest for storytellers to create a story in six icons, with no words.

If that sounds easy (“Hey, no writing involved!”), then perhaps you should ¬†try your hand at it. I’ve been browsing The Noun Project’s library for the past hour trying to come up with a story that can be concisely told in six icons, and I am coming up empty-handed so far. Ugh.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, check out the contest rules here, and get to… um… “writing.”

Update: You can, um, “read” my 6 icon story here. It is kind of sad and kind of funny. I hope that you like it.


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