First Episode and Etc.

Hey folks, the first episode of The Definite Article is up over on Justin’s site. We had a grand ol’ time hollering at each other about drugs and creativity. You can hear it here, if the urge strikes you.

We’re currently working on getting a logo done and setting up on iTunes. Hopefully this will all be done by the end of the week. Then you can subscribe to The Definite Article and get our lovely little rants delivered right to your iDevice. Lucky you!

We’ll be recording the next episode this Wednesday, and it’ll go up on the site Thursday morning. Justin and I have been talking some about what the next episode will be focused on, and it looks like we’ll be talking largely about creative influence and originality. He will probably argue works of art that are derivative are bullshit, and I will argue that the idea of total originality is bullshit. So, should be an interesting one. Lots of bullshit. Yes indeed.

You should check out the Everything is a Remix documentary series, as well as the documentary Copyright Criminals (available on Netflix instant), to know where I’m drawing from. Justin will probably whip out some more scholarly PDFs to impress us all with. We all know you’re smart, Justin.


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