The Definite Article on iTunes!

TDA Logo


Exciting news! The Definite Article, my new podcast with Justin Jacoby Smith, is now on iTunes! Now you can subscribe and get each new episode sent directly to your iPoop. How fancy!

You can subscribe here, and download the first two episodes. We recorded S1E3 last night, despite some wrath from the Internet deities in the form of a dropped Skype call. Once we polish it up and edit out the swearing (just kidding, we leave all the swearing in), that’ll go straight into your little podcast thingy. The thingy with the stuff on it.

Thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in so far. We hope you’re enjoying the show, and are more than happy to hear any feedback you might want to give. Are we running too long? Not long enough? You have an idea for a topic? Or a new comic series we should read? Let us know.

P.S.: Our lovely logo is designed by the even lovelier George Porteus. All of our thanks are unto him for making us look like characters in a Gonzo story.

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