Winter for the writer: Anne Carson and ancient blindness

While I was in Las Vegas last weekend I picked up a copy of Anne Carson’s first collection of poetry, Short Talks. The Brick Books edition has an introduction by Margaret Christakos, who clearly understands the breadth of Carson’s work. Christakos points out to the reader the themes of winter landscapes in Short Talks, the use of reflection and light as tropes and what those might have to do with snow and ice and growing up in Ontario, as Carson did. Continue reading


A body of writing

I just read the n+1 essay on Maggie Nelson and I think I absolutely have to read The Argonauts. I wish I had read this essay before I finished my piece on Dodie Bellamy, if for no other reason than that it’s a beautiful example of writing about an author’s entire body of writing intelligently. I haven’t read everything Bellamy’s written but still. Would have been a good model to go off of. Continue reading

When I talk about running

October in Houston is perfect for running. The mornings and evenings drop down to around 60 degrees, and frequently there’s cloud cover to keep the sun off. All the sane runners who stayed inside for the blistering summer re-emerge around … Continue reading