Winter for the writer: Anne Carson and ancient blindness

While I was in Las Vegas last weekend I picked up a copy of Anne Carson’s first collection of poetry, Short Talks. The Brick Books edition has an introduction by Margaret Christakos, who clearly understands the breadth of Carson’s work. Christakos points out to the reader the themes of winter landscapes in Short Talks, the use of reflection and light as tropes and what those might have to do with snow and ice and growing up in Ontario, as Carson did. Continue reading


Cataloging Sur la Vipere

Things have been moving slowly at the shop. In a short time the place will be frantic for the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, packing and shipping and convincing somebody that they really do need an hors de commerce copy of the Cranach Press Elegies from the Castle of Duino – but for now it’s quiet. Continue reading